Another year, another blog post

03-Sep-2018 02:15PM

It's been another year, so I suppose it is time for another blog post. Exciting times call for exciting changes, so I've made the background some kind of weird lavender colour that looks grotty when you turn Redshift) on.

This year, I learned... What? I joined a choir called Vox Canvas, and kept hammering away at the keyboard in the office. I caused some bugs and fixed more.

Here is my recommendation. Don't roll your own ORM. But if you have to, don't let people implement bespoke cache invalidation on top of it. There are just too many different data interactions that can happen. You will wind up spending months and months of your life just debugging shit, or edge-case after edge-case as you ham your way through one million data-integrity errors.

As a reward for reading this shit, how about you go listen to some weird throat-singing drone I recorded.