Bad Job ABC

28-Jul-2020 04:59AM

Big dick move from the host of Q and A Here it is

Gigi was trying to talk, and the other guys kept putting words in her mouth. What kind of fair question is, "Why do you want people to die?"

Obviously, she's trying to describe some trade-off between two evils. The host needed to stop accusing her of being evil and let her explain the other side of the trade-off.

Gigi kept being interrupted, and because she was continuously being interrupted, her explanation ended up vague and low-fidelity. Her presented argument winds up being a bunch of impossible to validate claims like, "I don't want people to die", and some vague explanation that perhaps lock-downs cause more net suffering and death than the Covid deaths.

Maybe that's the entirety of her argument? Maybe she doesn't have stronger content, analysis or forecasts to put forward than her vague "I reckon". If this is the case I could never endorse her.

But since dickhead kept saying, "YEAH BUT WHY DONT YOU HAVE ANY EMPATHY FOR HUMAN LIFE?", I guess we will never know.