Black Lives Matter

25-Jun-2020 02:30PM

I must draw your attention again to the way in which people of European descent historically treated Non-Europeans. The colonising nations, the Spanish, the Dutch and particularly the English tore away great wealth from lands far from European shores. The indigenous peoples of so many lands have been exploited, robbed and enslaved for the sake of enriching and empowering Europeans. If you are not familiar with this history, this is not a bad place to start.

Though I was not alive to take part in that exploitation, I still reap the benefits from seeds sown in the sweat and blood of those exploited folk. Because of this I can see that from a certain perspective, it is logical to hate or envy me, solely because I have been born both male and white. Just so, another perspective: It is not conducive to happiness to wallow in guilt or self-hatred because of this advantage, and so myself and others born like me are apt to form clever defense mechanisms against this. We form defense mechanisms such as entitlement, racism, or just generally not thinking about it.

I think that we must all reject these simple modes of thinking and the protests in Australia show that I am not alone. These protests are an announcement of a generation rejecting the values and behaviours of the generation before, and so those rotten values are to be cast aside and replaced... But with what?

There can be no equality. For there to be an equality, would I not need to give up the advantage that I was born with? How could I give this up, when my advantage is inside me as much as out? My advantage is an education fostered by an educated family who valued it and instilled the same value into me. That is a gift that can only be given to children, not own-minded adults who have already decided who they are.

The only thing that I can see must be done, is we must accept that we have an intrinsic advantage, and then use that advantage to leverage. We must accept, that Australians born with a disadvantage, especially Aboriginal Australians, should be given unequal access to our pooled resources to make up for that disadvantage. And we should do this forever obviously, because equality isn't possible.

We need to change our culture, and more importantly, our institutions, to accept our inequality and value reducing it. We need institutions, because no natural market force will balance out inequality by itself, or it already would have.

If other people are getting more of the pie, then perhaps I will end up with a less. But if the key to reducing inequality is education, and I find myself in a nation of thinkers and creators... In the end, I think, I will be happier for it.