Have you ever heard of a Q-Sort?

21-Mar-2016 02:39PM

See an explanation of Q-Sort

It is a fun experiment to try. Fun enough that it is worth writing software to make it easier to do.

On an unrelated note

This evening I fixed this website along with shadowwall.org which is hosted on the same server. I had three problems:

  1. Hyperlinks on shadowwall.org were directing to this domain.
  2. I was running a Postgres 9.3 and didn't upgrade or backup my cluster before upgrading my binaries. (So this website went down.)
  3. This domain was not exposed in any way.

How to fix?

Firstly, the database problem. It turns out I had to downgrade from 9.5 to 9.3. Luckily this was pretty easy on my Arch box because the AUR repository still has 9.3 available. Because I am super lazy and my database is tiny, I was able to just run /opt/pgsql-9.3/bin/pg_dumpall >> old_backup.sql as my backup. After re-installing the new version of postgres and setting up a fresh database psql -f old_backup.sql postgres put me back in the swing of things.

Secondly, the hyperlink problem. It turns out this is a configuration option in wordpress, so this was trivial to fix us using this guide here.

Finally, because I had to use wordpress and the backend of this site is in clojure, I needed to proxy through requests to danielkeogh.com to a service on a different port. This was again, another incantation. It was tricky to find. Documentation on Apache is good so long as you know how to correctly word your questions. I found the solution to my problem here.