Snarky Cairo Etc.

I'm tipsy, and listening to [Snarky Puppy.]( And it is good. Speaking of Good, using 3D graphics API's for Common Lisp sure is a pain in the arse. Yes. Yes it is. Sure Common Lisp is an amazing language. I have spent most of this week trying to get things to build though, and that is not time well spent. So what ought to be good? [Sketch]( is a pretty cool idea. Or it would be if any of the examples would actually run. There is something to be said for having things work out of the box. [Clinch]( also looks extremely cool. But the tutorial code does not work as described with the current version in QuickLisp. (The SDL window appears and the background turns blue, but no white triangle. I ought to raise a bug report, but I am sure the developers secretly know what they are doing.) You know what does work though? The [CL-SDL2]( examples. That's pretty good right? I've been playing with these. Fun. What more could you want? How about a goal? The goal is to draw pretty pictures using only Common Lisp. Why Common Lisp? Because it doesn't hurt my hands. (Only my brain). And the debugger is pretty great too, unlike my limited experience debugging Clojure, which was not so good. -> This is because of stack-trace from hell see? It is a shame that no programming language is perfect. There is something to be said for immutable by default data structures. I am dying for them with the work I am currently doing. There is also something to be said for being being able to hack using mutable structures. There is something to be said for macros, but also something to be said for having a stronger type system. Where is the balance though? So I am listening to Snarky Puppy, and they are good. It is time to sleep.