Thus Spake Zarathustra

23-Aug-2016 01:17PM

StumbleUpon is a fantastic website, and probably the best knowledge aggregation on the web. Let explain why - first by defining virtuous knowledge aggregation, and then via a comparison of StumbleUpon with other sites.

As is my usual overthink, I bucket everything into categories but then get bored and don't actually evaluate the outcome.

Here are the sites I compare StumbleUpon to:

  1. StumbleUpon
  2. Reddit
  3. YCombinator
  4. Wikipedia

These sites allow the community to index web pages and articles, so users can be both entertained and informed.

These sites are all virtuous or unvirtuous regarding several categories. These categories are:

  • Entertainment - What is the most fun that can be had reading the website?
  • Currentness - How recent are links?
  • Bias - How biased are links, on average.
  • Shitness - How much time do you spend parsing poo?
  • Positive Vibes - What is the general tone of links?

Isn't "spake" a fun word?